Zinc Sulphate Plant

Zinc Sulphate Plant

Zinc Sulphate is a white, fine crystalline powder or a pearl shaped product. It is prime nutrient for plants. This micro-nutrient is primarily used in maintaining normal health and increased yields, The Zinc Sulphate is applied directly to the crops. It is also blended with other Fertilisers like SSP / GSSP etc. as it is required by plants in small quantity.

We specialize in manufacturing Zinc Sulphate Plants. The design of the plant is result of years and enterprise and research. These cost-effective plants are known for reliable performance and higher production capacity.

Production Process

Zinc Sulphate is manufactured by the reaction of Zinc ash with Sulphuric acid. The Sulphuric Acid is diluted to 65-70% with recycle water / wash water. The acid is neutralized with Zn ash. The reaction mass is agitated continuously. The hydrogen gas is released. As the reaction is complete the reaction mass is filtered through filter press. The filtrate is cooled down to 180C with normal / chilled water. Crystalline Solid is Centrifuged to remove any surface water. The Zinc Sulphate hepta hydrate is than packed in 1 kg , 2 Kg. 5Kg and 10 kg packs.


  • Raw Material Section
  • Hopper
  • Converyor Belt
  • Rotarty Drums
  • Blowers
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Cyclone
  • Furnace

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